Kleurrijke planten in plaats van hondenpoep in Almere Buiten

Emma is vorig jaar begonnen met het opfleuren van haar buurt.
In dit blog vertelt ze ons haar verhaal.

“I have always loved gardening and growing my own plants and veg, it comes from my grandparents I think!  Growing up in England I would help my grandad in his veg garden and each year we would spend hours taking cuttings from plants to create new plants.  So as I got older I did the same. I love to see neighbourhoods colourfull with all the beautiful plants, but for the past few years my neighbourhood in Almere Buiten has more rubbish and dog poo than colourfull plants around so I wanted to see if I could make a difference and make the streets nicer.

On the street along the side of my house are trees and lampposts, each year they are surrounded by weeds, and after seeing a post by Greenf Almere I saw that we were allowed to plant in such areas…..so my mission last year was to create mini gardens and brighten up the neighborhood one petal at a time 😊

I spent a couple of weekends removing the weeds and putting in colourfull and bee friendly plants. A few people stopped to say how nice it was or to ask why I was planting and was it my ‘job’? I said no, I do not get paid for this, I have bought all the plants and soil from my own money. I live on the street and want to make it nicer!  People seemed shocked that I would spend my own time and money to do this.

This year I will be doing the same but hopefully from home grown plants to keep the cost down. I will also try and put a little barrier around the mini gardens as last year local children kept standing on and kicking their ball on the plants, which damaged a lot of the plants…. there were even a couple of children who removed some of the plants and broke and removed the signs I had made 💔.

But I will continue to plant as it’s a good and right thing to do! I am also passionate about trying to save the bees, I see less and less each year 😥”

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